Doesn’t it make you furious that the hardworking student like you does not get a chance to study in quality institutions because the cost of education is so high? The National Household Education Survey (NHES) reports that the number of students in America enrolling in colleges is much lower when compared to developing countries.

Why do you think this is happening? It is because a quality education in America is not affordable anymore. With the skyrocketing of course fees, many potential college students have been forced to abandon their further education hopes and dreams.

African-American students remain underrepresented in colleges. Plus, African-American students with the required college aspiration mojo and application stamina, have to undergo fierce competition to get the desired results.

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It is not that the government is not providing scholarships to students, but they do not publish them very well. Did you know that each year, billions of dollars is distributed to low income families in America? There are lots of grants available both from the American federal and state governments.

In fact, there are plenty of private grants available for minority students as well. Why be stressed with the nagging burden of a huge student loan debt, when many public and private institutions provide the funds for free. Did I mention free?

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